Our Honor Code

As per our core mandate, Elant Solutions connects students to highly qualified tutors who help them in their day-to-day learning/studying. For this reason, Elant Solutions is by NO means meant to be a platform for cheating. We believe that all study materials and academic resources contributed by educators or tutors in this site are high quality. However, upon sign up, all users agree to comply with Elant Solutions Honor Code and that they may not use any study materials, solutions, and answers to cheat. That is prohibited.

Academic integrity goes in tandem with the operations of every learning institution. In this case, no user will use any information contributed in the site for the sole purpose of cheating. In addition, no user will use another user's content as their own. Otherwise, this will me met with the appropriate action.

All users will appropriately use the services of our tutors to help in their assignments as per their institution's and instructor's honor codes. All users are ONLY to upload study materials which they have created on their own. No user is to copy or practice plagiarism of any kind where they submit other users' study resources or content as their own. Users are not to consult any tutors or materials from the site to complete their assignments/homework when instructed not to use outside help. No use is to act in violation of their school's or instructor's honor code in the use of Elant Solutions site.

Violation on Honor Code

Please email us on info@elantsolutions.com for any suggestions on how we can improve our honor code. We are always open to any feedback and suggestions and will surely get back.

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