Terms of Service - Elant Solutions


Uploading and posting of copyrighted materials and content to Elant Solutions is not allowed. Such actions shall lead to account termination (with all available funds withheld), or legal action, or both. Elant Solutions does not claim copyright on any content (answers or questions) posted or uploaded on the website.

General terms

i. All users (tutors/scholars or clients/students) shall ONLY be entitled to one account. Any use of multiple accounts will be detected and the same shut down.

ii. To be able to sign up for an account, one MUST be 21 years and above. All scholars are required to submit their national identity documents upon sign up.

iii. For scholars, the account sign up email shall also be the PayPal account email.

iv. The services offered in this website are only for tutoring purposes. No work presented by scholars or tutors shall by any chance be submitted as own work.

v. We (website owner/s) reserve the right to suspend/ban any user’s account for any reason.

vi. All service users shall be responsible for the payment of levies, duties, and taxes therein imposed by tax authorities or equivalent bodies and agencies in their countries. This excludes only the United States.

Responsibility of tutors and students/clients

i. Tutors and students are NOT SUPPOSED to share contact information. In addition, no transaction should be done or completed outside this service system or website. Any such dealings will be detected and all accounts involved terminated immediately.

ii. The service provided by tutors shall be that of an educator and student (tutoring services). Work done or completed by scholars shall be used as guideline and not to be submitted as own. Students shall not use the service to get answers for tests whatsoever. This includes exams and quizzes. On the other hand, scholars shall not participate in completing any tests.

iii. Tutors are allowed to collaborate with each other for the betterment of the bidding system. No tutor is allowed to undermine the other in any way.

iv. NO UNDERBIDDING. The minimum bid allowed shall be $10 and maximum bid at a time shall be $1,000.

v. The least cost/price for any work completed shall be $10 per 300 words of content. One-on-one tutoring shall be rated at $35 per hour.

vi. The clients/students shall claim complete ownership of any work completed for them. In that case, by the use of this service, scholars/tutors agree not to claim ownership of complete or part of the work upon submission to client or student.

vii. All work posted within the website or service shall be original. Here, scholars are ONLY allowed to post work to which they claim ownership. Any exceptions shall be treated as copyright infringement. Any such work noticed shall be removed without via communication.

viii. All service users shall NOT use any defamatory language towards each other. The service shall not be legally responsible for any damages suffered due to negative feedback posted by any party.


i. For scholars, all payments shall be held for 14 days upon which they can be withdrawn. A withdrawal service fee shall apply.

ii. When a client initiates a chargeback against the service, you agree that we shall collect and recover the same from the scholar’s account balance or in any other legal means possible.

Limitation by law

Where the usage of this website is against the laws in your jurisdiction, we strongly advise that you avoid using it.